Beagle Summer of Code


It's time to announce the accepted applications for Beagle within
Google's Summer of Code for 2006!

I was very happy with the quality of the applications I received.
Google allocated us five slots -- a few fewer than I was hoping for, but
a good number for a project of our size -- and it was extremely
difficult to decide which projects to accept.  There were several
qualified applications for important projects that I think should be
sponsored, and it was hard to have to turn some down.

That said, it is my hope that we can find some additional funding for a
few of these projects.  I can't make any promises, but I am looking into
the possibility.

And now, onto the accepted projects!

        * Networked Searches (protocol) - Alexis Christoforides
                Alexis will be using .Net's HttpListener class and
                Beagle's XML messaging to implement searching across
                multiple machines.
        * Networked Searches (Avahi integration and UI) - Kyle W.
                Kyle will be implementing broadcasting and automatic
                service discovery of other networked Beagle instances
                using Avahi, and tying search into the beagle-search
                user interface.
        * Dashboard - Fredrik Hedberg
                Fredrik will be tackling the task of resurrecting the
                Dashboard, revisiting its design and integrating it with
                applications like Firefox, Evolution, Gaim, OpenOffice,
                F-Spot, and Banshee.
        * Metadata/Association Browser - Max Wiehle
                Max will be working on a new project to browse the
                relationships between data, and making any needed
                changes to the Beagle infrastructure along the way.
        * Memory Profiling and Reduction - Dennis Snell
                Dennis will be working with Jon Trowbridge to enhance
                the heap-buddy profiling tool, making it easier to
                identify troublesome codepaths and ultimately
                identifying and improving bottlenecks in Beagle.
Thank you to everyone who applied, and congrats to our students!  This
should be a great summer for Beagle development.


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