Re: Beagle filter for Gentoo ebuilds

On Monday 27 March 2006 13:19, Joe Shaw wrote:
> The filter looks good, mostly I have stylistic comments.  Can you point
> me to some ebuild files that I can use to test it?

You can get the Gentoo portage tree from . Download 
the .tar.bz2 and it'll be full of ebuilds. You can also get some at, although I've not used this site 
much. Go there if you want a smaller set.

> See the HACKING file for the coding style standards.

I tried to find this file, I could not in the source tarball. I also could not 
find coding standards on the beagle wiki. Could you please point me to it? 
I'll be happy to adhere to those standards, just need to see them. I will 
make the suggested changes you detailed.

BTW, not sure if you're watching the kerry project but I made a patch to 
display the properties from this filter and also search only for ebuilds. You 
can look at if you're 


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