beagled and "bushy" IMAP folders

Fedora Core 5 (stock install with latest Fedora Beagle update)
Kernel 2.6.15
Gnome 2.14.0
Evolution 2.6.0
Beagle 0.2.3

Evolution connects to two IMAP servers. Each server has a pretty
elaborated structure of folders (each one of my co-workers and friends
has their own folder, each mailing list has its own folder, etc.).
Filtering is performed server-side (Cyrus IMAPd with Sieve filters).
Evolution is configured to poll both servers for new messages each 10
minutes. That's a fairly vanilla setup for this combination of software.

If Evolution is not running, beagle-status reveals that the tasks queue
gets empty after a while (if I don't use the system much). That, I
believe, is normal.

If I do run Evolution, the tasks queue never gets empty. The queue is
always full of tasks such as:

/home/user/.evolution/mail/imap/user 192 168 X Y/folders/lists/subfolders/fedora/summary

It's like Beagle spends a lot of effort, all the time, on this multitude
of "summary" files in ~/.evolution
I am not sure if I'm actually saying this is a bug. On one hand, that's
a lot of files that get updated every 10 minutes so Beagle seems
justified to poll them. OTOH, this system is a laptop and Beagle polling
all those files all the time means the resources get drained faster.

Would it be possible for Beagle to be more aggressive and quickly poll
all those summary files, so as to not be a nag all the time for the CPU
and disk?
Or could it be smarter and figure out somehow which summary files it
really needs to update but without polling all of them? (but then it
would need to somehow talk with Evolution, right?)

Am I making at least one valid point? :-)

slightly confused...

Florin Andrei

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