beagled runs in DEBUG by default?

have asked the question on the gentoo forums and scanned the list
archive, and frankly am unsure if this is a downstream problem, but i
thought i'd ask the question here and see if anyone else is experiencing

when i run beagled, i get the following:

mono-beagled --debug /usr/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe --bg

because it's running in debug, beagle then fills my hd with log files
after about a week or two of use - 13 GB's or so worth. 

until i've figured out how to get it running not in debug, i'm no longer
running it at startup (beagled was in GNOME Sessions). 

for those on the Gentoo side of things, beagle was not compiled with the
debug use flag:

[ebuild     U ] app-misc/beagle- [0.2.1] -debug -evo +gtk -ole
-pdf +python 1,293 kB

anybody have any idea what's going on here?

- sog

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