scripts using exec -a [bashism]


  Being Beagle Debian maintainer I have to fix some scripts using "exec
-a" while having "#!/bin/sh" in its shebang line. I have patched all
them to use "#! /bin/bash" as that exec option is only available in
bash. I am going to fill a bug for this issue as soon as I solve the
problem I am faing lately:

  There are two scripts, beagle-extract-content and beagle-index-url
that I don't know how are being generated. They are listed in Makefiles,
but there is no .in prototype like is in the other helper scripts. This
means I don't know how to patch those. I would appreciate any help on
how to do this, as not forcing these scripts to use bash will mean that
people not having bash as default interpreter will have different

  Please, keep me on CC, as I am not subscribed on the list.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
   jsogo debian org

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