Is it possible to search everything within a time period?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to both Beagle and the mailing list.  I just had a quick question 
about the beagle-search utility.

I'm something of a diarist / personal historian, and I installed beagle as a 
tool to help me remember and document the past by helping me search old 
emails, IM conversations, and documents.  Everything is great so far except I 
can't figure out how to search for everything within a specific time period 
(usually one day) in the beagle-search utility.  I can accomplish this with 
beagle-query by running:

	beagle-query --start 20060503 --end 20060504

But I can't seem to reproduce this with the GUI.  Is this possible, or should 
I stick to the command line?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for Beagle!


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