Re: problem about beagle-0.2.5 on solaris


On Tue, 2006-07-04 at 11:41 +0800, jedy wrote:
> I built beagle-0.2.5 on solaris. But every time i search something
> beagle just return the files whose name match search. For example, if i
> search beagle, only the files with bealge in their name are returned.
> why?

I'm not aware of anyone who has done any testing of Beagle on Solaris.
There are quite possibly Linux-specific things in there that are
preventing the files from being filtered correctly.

Take a look at your ~/.beagle/Log directory and look for errors or
exceptions during the indexing process.  If you find any, it'd probably
be a good idea to file bugs on them.


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