Re: 0.2.0 UI

can you try running beagle-search from the command line and entering
those strings which crash it for you? then posting the output here?

It is also worth noting there have been some major changes for 0.2,
and its probably best to delete your ~/.beagle folder and re-index.

Kevin Kubasik

On 1/22/06, Ron Pellegrino <windwardtrades comcast net> wrote:
> The project is really improving.  The new UI is a big improvement and I
> just love how it updates interactively.  The beagle-settings tool now
> works for me when before it would not allow additional paths to be
> added.  I can't seem to get Tomboy indexed yet, but everything else
> seems to index fine. I tried to index a web page with beagle-index-url
> without success, but will have to keep trying as that could be a very
> nice feature.  Beagle-search has crashed a couple times upon entry of a
> particular search string and so I'm not sure what's up with that.
> Anyways, very impressive progress.
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Kevin Kubasik

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