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Hello everybody
I have installed Beagle 0.1.4 on linux FC4, I have tried both installing it with yum AND installing it from tarball.
Everything seems to work fine (indexing, command line search, best)but the thing I need most, the remote access to the web interface. Since I have installed it to work as an indexer for the LAN of the Physics Lab I work in, I need the index to be searchable from every machine on the LAN, but the web interface functions perfectly locally (actually, it USED to work perfectly, now it works only if I do do a NetBeagleSearch, otherise it returns no resolts), but always returns no results when accessed remotely (even with NetBeagleSearch). The directory I have indexed is under the user home directory, and it is configured as public folder. Global Access is ENABLED, the daemon is started with the --web-global option and everything else seems to me to be correcty configured.

the daemon when remotely queryed prompts this:

DEBUG: WebBackEnd: Got Search String: lvs
INFO: WebBackEnd: Starting Query for string "lvs"
DEBUG: Couldn't find path of file with name 'LV_Prog' and parent '1eeuNWWVWU6wendTm+3N8A'
INFO: WebBackEnd:OnFinished() - Got 0 results from beagled QueryDriver

The same now says when locally queryed, instead it presents the correct results when I do a NetBeagleSearch from localhost.

Just to summarize: Websearch from Localhost: Used to work perfectly, now works only in NetBeagleSearch mode
Websearch from remote (or from same machine but with machine name instead of localhost): Never worked.

Same thing happened with previous versions of Beagle, starting from 0.1.0 to 0.1.2 . Never been able to activate webservices on beagle 0.1.3 .

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