Re: kBeagleBar-0.1

Great work duder!  It looks very nice.


On Tue, 2006-02-28 at 07:59 -0500, D Bera wrote:
> Hi
>     A few days back I saw spotlight in action, for the first time. And
> I was impressed. deskbar applet doesnt quite integrate into KDE, hence
> a few hours of exercise created a spotlight klone - kBeagleBar KDE
> kicker applet. Its similar to deskbar (highly toned down, only works
> with beagle).
>     kBeagleBar sits quietly in the kicker panel and wakes up with
> Ctrl-Alt-Space (configurable in future). The results are presented in
> a menu to allow easy navigation and selection.
> kBeagleBar is mostly suitable when the user knows the right query
> terms so that the required result appears in the top few. In the
> future, kBeagleBar will be integrated with yaBi, allowing a complete
> beagle search experience in KDE.
>     Beagle supports a rich query syntax and kBeagleBar adds some more
> options to it to make searches very powerful. Current release includes
> the documentation, which contains the details of the query syntax.
>     To download the sources, visit
>     For that obligatory screenshot, I included one in
> - dBera
> PS: I love libbeagle (beagle C api); its so easy to work with :)

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