Request for feedback on tex filter

I am currently working on a tex filter and, since it's
my first program in C# I could use some help. Please
check the attached file and send me your comments.

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using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using Beagle.Daemon;

// Set author, title, abstract, email etc properties.
// Set section, chapter titles, index, bibliography as hotcontent.

namespace Beagle.Filters {
    public class FilterTex : FilterSource {

	protected StreamReader reader;

        // TODO: Make it a class
       // public string author, title, abstract, email;

	static string [] strKeyWords = {"\\begin", "\\end", "\\documentclass", "\\usepackage",
					"\\frenchspacing", "\\author", "\\email", "\\title",
					"\\abstract", "\\chapter", "\\section", "\\subsection",
					"\\paragraph" };

	public FilterTex ()
 	    AddSupportedFlavor (FilterFlavor.NewFromMimeType ("application/x-tex"));
	    AddSupportedFlavor (FilterFlavor.NewFromMimeType ("text/x-tex"));
	    AddSupportedFlavor (FilterFlavor.NewFromMimeType ("text/x-latex"));
	    AddSupportedFlavor (FilterFlavor.NewFromMimeType ("application/x-latex"));
 	override protected void DoOpen (FileInfo info)
//		TeXDocument temp_doc = new TeXDocument ();
//		Encoding enc = temp_doc.DetectEncoding (Stream);
//		temp_doc=null;
//		Stream.Seek (0,SeekOrigin.Begin);
		foreach (string keyword in strKeyWords)
			KeyWordsHash [keyword] = true;
		SrcLangType = LangType.Matlab_Style;
// 	override protected void DoPullProperties ()
// 	{
// 	    AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("TeX:author", author));
//	    AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("TeX:title", title));
//	    AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("TeX:abstract", abstract));
// 	}
 	override protected void DoPull ()
 		string str = TextReader.ReadLine ();
		if (str == null)
			Finished ();
			ExtractTokens (str);

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