Re: Null Pointer Exception at beagled/Mono.Data.SqliteClient/SqliteDataReader.cs:418

> I get a similar if not identical error when I try to have beagle index
> /usr/share/applications (the error is thrown for me right after the
> 'Adding Root' line, and removing that extra directory solves the
> problem. Perhaps this has something to do with permissions (for me the
> dir is read only) and/or extended attributes (specifically rights to
> write attributes)
According to the debug output, it bails out after adding root: my homedir. I
have my applications indexed in /var/cache/apt/beagle/applications, and I
will try to remove that one and see if that helps when I came home later
> >
> > And here what happens when I run beagle with --debug --fg
> >
> > martin aditu:~/src$ beagled --deny-backend KMail --deny-backend Liferea
> > --deny-backend Kopete --deny-backend  Akregator  --fg --debug --replace
> > Debug: Scanned addressbooks and calendars in ,62s
> > Debug: Adding root: /home/martin
> > Error: Unhandled exception thrown.  Exiting immediately.
> > Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an
> > instance of an object

thanks for your help

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