Beagle Reindexing Question


I am using Beagle with an inotify Kernel and xattr. I watched Beagle
doing its stuff and saw it was reindexing all files in the background
slowly. So far so good, but here is my problem:

When Beagle reindexes files in the background it changes the xattrs of
the file and the date the last time changed (yeah because beagle seemed
to have changed the xattrs).

I am using an backup system that relies on the change date for its
incremental backup. So every day week or whenever i make an incremental
backup all the files touched by Beagle are getting back upped too,
without them being really changed (i don't care for the xatrs, the
archive format can't even hold them).

Is there any option to set Beagle so it only relies on inotify for file
changes so that it reindexes only the files really changed. Or an
posibillity that beagle doesn't change the change-date of the file when
it changes the xattrs (workaround)?

Thanks in advance!

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