Beagle indexing


I want how Beagle index the hard links?

I ask because I would like to have Categories instead of Folders (like
the Labels in Google Mail instead of folders), but since I can't do it
with any current file system I thaught that maybe that could be an

But I was wondering how Beagle treats Hard Links, If I do that.

As one file? or as many files as hard links exists?

The later is the better for what I want.

My other question:

How can I index files in a removable media?

Is this possible?

Does understand it has different medias mounted in /media/cdrom (for
example) and not just one?

I know windows software that can index data from cds, but I don't know
something in Linux and maybe Beagle could help.

Hoping you can help me with these questions.


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