Re: Dashboard-hackers Digest, Vol 28, Issue 30

Richard Corbin skrev:

I installed Beagle 0.2.8 from specifically for its Thunderbird support. At first I didnt see the Thunderbird backend. Eventually I figured out that I had to also install the beagle-backend-evolution (even though I dont use evolution). But after two days of indexing, there are still zero Thunderbird emails indexed (and there should be several thousand). I would add that I moved the folder that contains the emails to another partition, but made all necessary configuration changes in Thunderbird, which works fine.
This is probably the same bug as noted a couple of days ago. You should check out this e-mail:

I can't really fix this until someone tries out the patch in the mail above and publish the more extended debugging data. If someone could try it out, it would be very appreciated.



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