Re: Beagle, e-d-s and evolution-sharp

Hi Jose,

Jose daLuz wrote:
I'm running Gnome 2.16b2, and so running evolution 2.7.91 and e-d-s 1.7.91. But it looks like evolution-sharp 0.11.1 isn't updated to match the newer e-d-s yet:

That's correct.

I only noticed this because I just updated to beagle 0.2.8 and saw the e-d-s index was not being updated. Do you know if there will be a compatible evolution-sharp release by the time Gnome 2.16 is ready?

My understanding is that the Evo hackers are taking over maintenance of evolution-sharp. Varadhan is probably the guy in the know.

In any case, thanks for the most excellent release -- I don't use it much nowadays, but I have years worth of email in Thunderbird that I will finally be able to search with Beagle!

Nice!  Good luck!


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