Re: Evolution Queryable and IMAP

On 8/9/06, Enrico Minack <minack l3s de> wrote:
Hi developers,

we recognized the following behavior of the Evolution Queryable:
- an email is indexed the first time it pops up on an IMAP folder
- since the email is not downloaded at this time by Evolution only metadata
like from and subject are provided to the filter
- when the email is read by the user the email with its full content is
recognized by beagle but not re-indexed since it was already (but not
completely) indexed by beagle
Wouldn't inotify catch this and require a reindex?
- this behavior was recognized at beagle 0.2.6

Any chance someone who uses evolution could check this on 0.2.7?
Is this still the case?
Couldn't this be fixed by re-indexing the email if no content is stored for
it, or is this too difficuilt?
It wouldn't be hard to notice new cache files (ie. downloaded
messages) and re-index as they appear.
Is somebody working on it?
Not at the moment, (at least as far as I know, and I don't even know
if its still a bug) you want to be the first?

I think in the Thunderbird backend we got a little luckier in that the
mork db's are updated when we have all the content downloaded, and
thus we reindex, does evo do the same?

Enrico M.

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