Beagle Inclusion/Exclusion Lists

1. Does Beagle have a default exclude list of things like *~, *.o, etc.?

2. How well does Beagle cope with removable media? For example, if I
add /media/usbdisk as a folder to search, is it going to drop and
reindex that every time the disk is unmounted and remounted? Would I be
better off using static indexes? I'd really like it to auto-update,
though. Maybe I could use static indexes and there's some way (via
gnome-volume-manager or whatever it's called) to re-index when the disk
is connected?

3. When I add an exclusion pattern, does Beagle remove anything from
there from the index?

4. Beagle uses xattrs. How much data is stored that way? Is there a way
to remove that data, for example, in the case that I exclude a


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