Re: Memory usage


On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 15:33 -0400, Gregory Pierce wrote:
> Beagle has been working great. I am very pleased with it overall;
> however, I am concerned about its memory usage. The gnome system monitor
> indicates that it is up to 1.1 GB of memory and that swap space (~1GB)
> is at 100% usage.  Is this normal? I do have a great many files but can
> I expect the memory usage to decline after it finishes indexing all the
> files?

Is this resident size (RSS) or virtual size (Vsize)?  The latter is
effectively a meaningless number.  But if RSS size is anywhere near 1
gig or even, say, 100 megs, that's too big and there is probably a bug
in there.

If the main beagle process is that big (beagled), then it probably won't
ever go down unless you restart the daemon.  Sizes that big are a bug.

If it's in the helper process (beagled-index-helper), then it should
shut itself down and restart when memory usage gets high.  This can
happen with a particularly large, misbehaving file (often HTML or MS


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