Re: beagle memory

It might be useful to know if this is due to any specific backend (
the output of beagle-index-info while beagled is running reports
active backends).

> > Found a second (third) issue with beagle 0.1 after running beagled for a
> > while (2 hours or so) it uses 800M of memory?
>  @devs:
>  Could this be because of shutdown issues? Whenever I shutdown beagle (via
> beagle-shutdown) *or* whenever beagle tries to shutdown one of its helpers
> (when they consume too much memory), I get Zombie processes. Beagle stays
> intact, but the number of its zombie children grows over time, and if there
> are such zombies I can't exit beagled without kill-9 it...
>  Is there any additional info I can provide?
>  I begin to love Beagle again, it's slowly getting really useful - but the
> memory consumption keeps me from daring to let it run while I'm away...
>  Nico.

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