Re: Beagle on Gentoo

I checked /usr/portage/distfiles and found that my beagle download was
from October 10th. I was guessing that it hadn't re-downloaded the
sources from the time I was using the overlay until I switched to use
the official portage version.

I deleted the beagle in distfiles, re-emerged it, and so far it appears
to be working correctly.

Thanks for following up, but it looks like the beagle in portage is
working correctly now :)


On Sun, 2005-10-30 at 20:08 +0000, Daniel Drake wrote:
> David Stahl wrote:
> > WARN: Exception caught while executing
> > Beagle.Daemon.ConnectionHandler:Void HandleConnection()
> > WARN: System.IO.IOException: Lock obtain timed out:
> > Lock@/home/dave/.beagle/Indexes/MailIndex/Locks/lucene-6badb9e79205eb6b2374f4849698915d-commit.lock
> What are the contents of this file?
> It should be a process id. Is that process still running?
> Daniel

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