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Can't you say it is a monitoring matching system against beagle for things you are doing currently.
Indexed data related to data you are using NOW?!


Meulemeester Jan Dante wrote:

so if beagle is the file backend for dashboard then you can compare best
to dashboard only in a minor form or what?


Op wo, 23-11-2005 te 20:27 +0100, schreef giskard:
Il giorno mer, 23/11/2005 alle 20.09 +0100, Meulemeester Jan Dante ha
What is the value that dashboard can give gnome users more than what
beagle can give them?

beagle support : BugzillaBackend.cs GaleonBookmarksBackend.cs GoogleBackend.cs
ManPagesBackend.cs RhythmboxLibraryBackend.cs RSSBackend.cs

afaik beagle is the FILE backend of dashboard, i'm wrong?

Little information for users on the net about Dashboard although I heard
of it for more then a year now. For what there is to read
( i think it would be great to have a
always on side-bar. But aren't these things explained on the slides and
the site possible with beagle if it uses better ui, sorting (project

at the moment (imo) also holmes is not actively developed.
I can't really see the difference.

i see the difference :)

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