New to Beagle

Hi all!
  I've just learnt about the existence of Beagle, and I'm impressed by
the SWF demos.

Just few days ago, I released at a project of mine,
named "eligante" which appears to have some aspects in common with
Beagle, while being much more limited.
Basically, eligante is composed by various modules (someone might want
to call them plug-ins) which retrieve messages and conversation from
various sources, such as Gaim logs, mailboxes (unix mbox, MH,
maildir...), or messaging websites (hi5 and some bulgarian sites at the
moment; soon I'll add; all the data are then stored in a SQL
database, and a web interface allows you to browse and do some simple
search (full-text, by authors, by modules, by date...).

The feature of eligante that I care most is the possibility of
associating all the identities a user might have (I am 4469906 in ICQ,
mardy78 in skype, "Alberto Mardegan" in emails...) into a single one,
and in this way it's possible to see in a unified style all the
conversations you had with this user, independently from where they took
place (Gaim ICQ, Gaim, Yahoo, e-mail...). Indeed, these can be sorted by
date, so you can actually follow the conversations as they happened.

Well, this is not meant to be propaganda for my project, so let's get to
the point. I'd like to know what functionalities beagle and eligante
have in common.
As my first impression, I would say that they both can index e-mails
and chat conversations, but there are not many other common features.
Beagle is somehow more filesystem oriented (please correct me if I'm
wrong), and it can index files on the fly, as they are created (does it
make use of some advanced capability in the FS?), while eligante is just
meant for messages, and retrieves its informations upon the execution of
a command.
What about connecting informations? Can Beagle be instructed about
different identities of the same guy? Maybe creating "aliases" between
words, so that searching for "Mark" returns conversations involving
"happyguy", in the hypothesis that Mark's IRC nickname is "happyguy"?

If this can be done with Beagle... mmm... I'll have to find some other
reason to continue developing eligante!!! :-)

BTW: ;-)



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