Re: Tex-Files to be indexed

Hallo Bernhard,

This enhancement had been reported a couple  of months ago and a patch
has been provided by Norbert.

See bug report :

The next step would be that  a nice beagle  Wizard includes this patch
in the next beagle release.. ;)


Bernhard Kleine writes:
 > Hallo
 > presenting myself for the first:
 > Bernhard Kleine, endocrinologist, living in the black forest
 > I am very glad, I found beagle, now I donot have to download articles
 > already present on my computer in folders I didnot think of.
 > I would like to index the tex-files. This should be fairly simple since
 > these files are all plain-text files. However, since there is no filter,
 > they are not included.
 > Is there a way to include them without having to write a new filter.
 > thanks a lot for beagle
 > Bernhard
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