Beagle on Debian PPC, quick questions

Hello there list,

I have managed to setup Beagle on my iBook G4 running Debian. For those who would like to do the same, just rebuild the src deb:

apt-get source beagle
dpkg-source -x beagle_X.X.X.dsc
cd beagle_X.X.X/
debuild -us -uc -b

Obviously an inotify enabled kernel and user_xattr in /etc/fstab are assumed.

Now I have two questions regarding beagle:

1) It may be because it is the first indexing, but is it normal that mono is consuming an awful lot of CPU? I am running at around 80/90% since a couple of hours now... 2) Since beagled is supposed to be stopped via beagle-shutdown, how can I cleanly shut it down when logging out of gnome?

Thanks for any help!

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