Re: Serious Beagle Bugs - Best and Web Services

Can you send me the specific error you get when compiling web services stuff ?
I will do a fresh check out and test and fix any problem there is.

>>> "Seb Payne" <spayne evolutioncolt com> 05/27/05 1:50 PM >>>
Hi All

After pulling the latest CVS of Beagle last night, everything seems to be broken! With some help from Daniel Drake, I managed to get Best working again but not Web Services. I realise that most of you will be heading to GUADEC but here they are anyway:

1. Web Services do not compile properly. There is a large error reguarding the WebBackEnd.cs file which I can post if needed. According to GNOME's CVS, knvijay made a lot of changes to the Web Services stuff. Has this problem been ironed out then?

2. Best - When running Best, it opened but as soon as I search for something, I got a Segmentation Failure. Daniel Drake (dsd from #dashboard) gave me some commands to run which got Best working. The bug is posted on the Bugzilla as Bug 305426.

Any idea on the status of either of these bugs.



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