Wiki switched over


As I mentioned in a previous email:
we're putting a new Wiki into place.  Earlier today we switched over the DNS to this, and now redirect to it from

The new wiki doesn't quite have as much content as the old one, but a
lot of the content on the old wiki was outdated and confusing.  I think
we have a pretty good critical mass moved over.

One of the things I tried to do was clean up the "flow" of the
installation pages.  I tried to separate out the stuff that is common to
all the distributions from the stuff that is distro-specific.  The old
wiki had some plainly contradictory content in this respect, and I hope
we can avoid that with the new setup.

There are distro-specific installation pages.  I'd appreciate it if
people could look over the page for their distribution and fix it up as
needed.  I've tried to touch up a lot of the pages, but I just don't
have the expertise on most distros to fix them.  The Debian install page
needs to be rewritten... the old one admitted that it was out of date.

A thing I noticed about the old wiki is that people would do discussions
inside the page.  For purely informational pages it gets hard to follow.
We're now using MediaWiki so we have discussion pages for every page,
and we should use them.

The old wiki is still around so that we can move more content over, at
its original URL:

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