Best UI

Hello - I really like what you're doing with Beagle/Best, but I have a question
- is there any plan of integrating tooltips & right-clicking into Best?  Or is
this against Gnome standards (I've noticed abiword also has minimal
right-clicking support)?

An example of what I mean:
- When best returns "AssemblyLine.c, in folder Engine", you should be able to
mouse over that to see the full path of the file
- When you mouse over a blurb or thumbnail or abbreviated URL
(, you might see a larger version
- When you mouse over any hyperlink, it should tell you what will happen if you
click it (i.e. hyperlinked "Conversation with John Doe" should say "Open this
- When you right click on a panel representing a file, you should get a similar
menu as in Nautilus
- Others?

Is there some sort of roadmap for the development of the Best UI, or is Best
considered just a temporary tool?

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