beagle inotify ABI change


Starting right now, with current CVS and henceforth all Beagle releases
after 0.0.8, Beagle is updated to the inotify 0.21 patch, which
introduces an ABI and API change.

Hear ye, hear ye:

	*** Beagle 0.0.8 requires inotify 0.20
	*** Beagle CVS (0.0.9 and on) requires inotify 0.21

Kernels for SUSE 9.3 are available:

Kernels for SUSE 9.1, SUSE 9.2, SLES9, and NLD9 are available:

Kernel patches:

If you use CVS, please make sure you use these updated packages/patches.

If you use the 0.0.8 release or what is included in SUSE 9.3, please use
the older kernels or 0.20 patch.


	Robert Love

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