totally new inotify.

Hungry masses,

The great inotify rewrite of 2005 is complete, culminating in inotify
release 0.20.

For lucky SUSE users, Grand Unified Kernels version 747.inotify.1 for
SUSE 9.1, SUSE 9.2, SLES9, and NLD9 are available at

For users of other distributions, or the rough riders amongst us who
compile their own destiny, patches are available at

This does NOT break ABI.

Although Beagle will continue to work with older inotify releases, I
implore everyone to PLEASE upgrade to 0.20 right now.  So many bugs were
fixed and so many issues were resolved it is uncanny.  You are dead to
me unless you use 0.20.

Please, get on the bandwagon today.


	Robert Love

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