Re: .noindex files are ignored and disappearing file index

On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 21:28 -0500, Arthur Peters wrote:
> Has this feature been removed? I like the idea of it and the new
> "beagle-config indexing AddIgnorePattern" thing does not replace it
> because you cannot recursively ignore a specific directory, because
> matching is done on single path elements instead of the entire path.

It has, and has been replaced by the ignore pattern thingy.  It probably
makes sense to ignore specific paths, so please file a bug about that.
I know that Daniel was looking into it, but tracking it in bugzilla is

> Also my FileSystemIndex is being "purged" everytime beagled starts.
> This is bad because I have 80GB of stuff in my home directory so it
> takes a long time to index it all. The only hint I have is "DEBUG:
> Purging /home/amp/.beagle/FileSystemIndex" a few lines from the top in
> the log file. How could I narrow down the cause a bit more?

Is there a line along the lines of "Found dangling locks" above it?
That bug should be fixed in the 0.0.11 release.


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