Best enhancements

I'm running Beagle 0.0.10 with mono 1.1.6 on Debian
unstable. After some playing around, here are some
things that occurred to me (a non-technical user);
some are obvious, some are goofy, take it as you will.

1. need a way to remove a indexed item (scrubbing of
the caches and the binary databases) perhaps through a
trashbin icon alongside your open, send, show in file
browser icons for each hit

2. allow for clearing of search terms in Best in the
drop down box / notification applet

3. Best is a cool interface for interacting with data
on the pc; so is f-spot which allows for meta-tags to
be added to files to allow one to display only those
tagged files with a single click; could do something
similar in Best with "permanent searches" where search
criteria replace tags... 
-- ie. a bar along the left with saved searches kept
up to date by Beagle
-- or a bookmarks-style pull down (but can rearrange
or alphabetize or date-sort the searches)

4. add control of the beagled within Best / Best's
notification area icon to allow for: start daemon,
stop daemon, restart daemon, etc. Or perhaps leave the
daemon running but allow for start/stop of indexing so
can still search but can stop indexing if on a laptop
away from AC power.

5. allow for sorting of Best results:
- by date (straight by date or broken up something
like Thunderbird's views of "Today" "Yesterday" "Last
Week" etc.) (the f-spot histogram indicator for number
of files existing over a calendar period is really
cool, too.. it allows you to slide along the calendar
and see the files with timestamps for that month...
would be cool for looking at hits)
- by number of hits within the item (I have no clue
what your default algorithm is)
- by colour coding by number of hits (red, orange,
blue for degrees of heat/relevance)

6. Some indicator showing search in progress...
because the number of hits may read 1 of 1 then jump
to 1 to 5 of 100 in a few seconds. Slower computers or
larger databases would benefit.

You guys are doing cool work and Beagle & Best work
very well! Hope you're having fun working on it.

Something that would be cool on the Wiki is a brief
discussion on how beagled does its job. Watching it
with beagled --fg raises a lot of questions.

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