seems to be unable to index mail

I'm running the beagle 0.10 package from ubuntu breezy...

When I search for things in my mailboxes (evolution IMAP acct), I get
no results.  When beagle tries indexing the mail accounts, the
following exception occurs:

05-06-01 27797 Beagle DEBUG: Finished task
/home/jbarnett/.evolution/mail/imap/jbarnett localhost/folders/INBOX/subfolders/Robinson/summary
in 2.10s05-06-01 27797 Beagle WARN: Caught exception
calling DoQuery on 'Mail'
05-06-01 27797 Beagle WARN: System.NullReferenceException:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
in <0x00205> Beagle.Daemon.LuceneDriver:ToLuceneQuery (Beagle.Query
query, ICollection search_subset, ICollection bonus_uris)
in <0x000c6> Beagle.Daemon.LuceneDriver:DoQuery (Beagle.Query query,
IQueryResult result, ICollection search_subset, ICollection
bonus_uris, Beagle.Daemon.UriFilter uri_filter,
Beagle.Daemon.UriRemapper uri_remapper,
Beagle.Daemon.RelevancyMultiplier relevancy_multiplier)
in <0x00624> Beagle.Daemon.LuceneQueryable:DoQuery (Beagle.Query
query, IQueryResult query_result, IQueryableChangeData i_change_data)
in <0x0002a> Beagle.Daemon.Queryable:DoQuery (Beagle.Query query,
IQueryResult result, IQueryableChangeData change_data)
05-06-01 27797 Beagle DEBUG: Last worker finished 0.00s after start
05-06-01 27797 Beagle DEBUG: worker removed:

What does this mean, and how an I fix it?


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