Re: Beagle stuff


I'm forwarding this to the list (dashboard-hackers lists gnome org). I
know some people have "succeeded" to get Beagle running on an x86_64
architecture. I don't have any experience with this, since I don't have
a 64-bit machine. I'm hoping they can guide you and/or give you some



On St, 2005-07-13 at 10:20 -0500, Ryan Wolschlag wrote: 
> Lukas, 
> I'm sure you're much too busy with daily life to be bothering with
> this, however, I have nowhere else to go with it. With that being
> said, there is some super weird stuff going on with the past 2 beagle
> releases that I can't find replicated anywhere, nor can I find them
> listed as bugs. So, I thought I would check with you to see if these
> are to be expected for the current releases...later to be resolved.
> I'm also assuming all of you developing the project (at least for the
> most part) are building and testing on 32-bit machines. I myself am
> using x86_64 (AMD) machines to build and test on.
> 1. During config with autogen, everything goes fine, but during make
> there is a failure when looking for gecko-utils.lo in the beagle/glue
> directory. This is because it is getting named as gecko-utils.loT
> after compilation. It has done this since 0.11.
> 2. The -replace option is all but worthless. As you run the daemon, it
> creates a few instances of dependent processes, a few of I assume are
> gconfd2, a bonobo instance for evolution, and a mono instance (I'm
> sure there are more but they are causing this issue). If Beagle exits
> with errors, these processes basically refuse to quit along with
> beagle, and prevent any further instances of beagle from launching,
> without first killing these. So again, -replace does nothing to help
> this.
> Also, in the latest newsletter there is a mention of people packaging
> beagle for different distributions, but I haven't seen any, although I
> assume the Novell crew are doing the Suse side with yourself and Nat.
> So after wasting all these lines of explanation, I would also like to
> be helpful in keeping the 'Getting Started' section of the wiki up to
> date, as it is hardly helping for the Suse part right now since so
> many changes have gone through in the past two releases. I'm checking
> every release thoroughly because I'm flippin obsessed with using
> Beagle as a network based search engine. Sort of like a non-suck
> version of a Google appliance, also saving people $30k by using beagle
> instead. Since I do all of this on 64-bit systems, I'm hoping I can
> contribute somehow. -Ryan

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