inotify-error with beagle-cvs

Hello all,

first of all, I don't know a lot about how beagle works, but maybe this
could be usefull:

By the first beagle-start after system bootup and after my harddisk has
calmed down (beagle is looking for the files to be monitored or
something like that), I get the following error message which is, I
think, related to inotify:

Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: List has changed.
in <0x00094> System.Collections.ArrayList+SimpleEnumerator:MoveNext ()
in <0x00240> Beagle.Util.Inotify:SendEvent (Beagle.Util.WatchInfo
watched, System.String filename, System.String srcpath, EventType mask)
in <0x00374> Beagle.Util.Inotify:DispatchWorker ()
in (wrapper delegate-invoke) System.MulticastDelegate:invoke_void ()

Another symptom I observered is, that any kind of "inotify-test"
(e.g.: 	beagle-query --live-query foo
	echo foo > bar)
doesn't work for me.

After doing a 'beagle-shutdown' and starting beagle again, everything
works fine.
With the restart my harddisk remains quiet, only the cpu is by 100
percent for a few seconds (maybe beagle reuses the inotify-tree or
something like that)

- I tested the following kernel-inotify-beagle-kombinations:

vanilla 2.6.12 /
+ notify0.23-rml-2.6.12-[13,15]
( + software-suspend-

beagle cvs (2005/06/19, 2005/07/01)

any idea?

Jan Taegert.

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