Some thoughts on spotting light on wizards/assistants


I have just watched the Spotlight demo in MacWorlds, and I'm very happy
to see that "almost" all the stuff that one will be able to do with
MacOSX Spotlight in 4-5 months time, I will be able to do it with

"Almost" comes from a feature in Spotlight that I would like to be able
to use in Beagle. Namely, that you can search in Spotlight for a keyword
about something you need a wizard for.

For example, 

searching for "bright" would lead to (literally "spot light to") the
wizards that deals with the configuration of the display/monitor,

searching for "ethernet" or "netmask" would lead to the network wizard,

and so on.

I suppose the trick here is to have a link between the wizard and the
documentation underlying that wizard. And I can see a problem in here:

Me being Fedora Core biased, I can see Beagle pointing to the adequate
system-config-*whatever* depending on the keyword, as the documentation
underlying that wizard points to it. At some point, something/someone
should tell Beagle that the documentation that refers to "netmask"
points to the system-config-network wizard.

But one problem I see in the implementation of this wizard is that will
vary between distros. And the links between the docs and the wizards
will also vary.

All in all, these are my thoughts on this wizards issue,

What do you think?



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