Beagle Newsletter 2/22/05

Beagle Newsletter
22 February 2005

Welcome to another edition of the Beagle Newsletter.
If you're new to the project you can read up about it
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   This month Beagle was released.  Beagle's
   numerous upgrades over the previous release were 
   outlined in Jon Trowbridge's release notes:


   Beagle and higher require D-BUS version
   0.23.1 or 0.23.2.  These releases remove a lot of
   the threading and locking issues that were evident in previous
   releases of the C# D-BUS bindings.


   The INotify kernel patch version 0.18 was released
   with key updates by Robert Love.  Beagle 0.0.6 requires
   this version of the patch to work correctly.


   Gmime 2.19 was released this month.  This version is
   required for Mail support in Beagle.


Out of Process Indexing

   As of the 0.0.6 release, Beagle indexes files outside
   of the beageld process.  As a result, Beagle's memory
   consumption is substantially reduced.

INotify Dependency

   Because of Beagle's popularity, work is being done to
   get Beagle running on as many types of systems as
   possible.  Scheduled for release in 0.0.7, Jon
   Trowbridge has started work on removing INotify as a
   hard dependency for Beagle.  Although INotify is a far
   superior solution we recognize that not everyone has it
   and it would be great for Beagle to run in its absence.
   This will also aid the ports of Beagle to Win32 and OSX.


   Robert Love has been working on a locking rewrite
   for the next release of the INotify kernel patch.  This
   should allow things to behave much smoother.

Mozilla Extension

   The Mozilla Extension for Beagle had not been updated
   in some time and this month received some work.  Tom
   van Schwerdtner enabled the extension to filter web history
   indexing by domain.  James Viapond added UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

   This past release of Beagle has seen more bug fixes
   than any previous release.  Numerous issues were
   corrected making Beagle far more usable than ever before.
   For a recap, see the Beagle 0.0.6 release notes.  Thank
   you to all bug spotters/reporters/fixers!


Memory Issues

   Because of Beagle's new out of process indexing,
   Beagle consumes far less memory than it has in
   the past.  This enables you to run Beagle on your
   system for a greatly extended period of time.  

As always if you have any input to how the next
Beagle Newsletter should be distributed or what
should go in it please email Joe Gasiorek at
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