Re: New search UI has landed

Sounds promising, I was never interested in beta's or things that aren't
finished yet but this one I really wanna see or have. Therefore my call
for some screenshots or maybe I'll try and build it all myself.

I'm working on a Ubuntu Breezy machine, is there anyway to create like a
sand-box where you can't break anything and play with mono, beagle,
tomspot, f-spot, ... Would be nice for a newbie to play a little bit
with it.

But my greatest call goes out to screenshots, mock-ups and a forum where
users can give UI hints.


Op di, 29-11-2005 te 20:08 +0100, schreef Lukas Lipka:
> Hello duders,
> the new UI stuff that was worked on internally in Novell up to now has
> landed in GNOME CVS. The CVS module for the new UI is 'holmes'. This
> interface has many more advantages over Best like sorting, grouping,
> refining results and much quicker response speed. And of course it is
> fun to use!
> So all you bleeding-edge lovers get a copy today, it is some fantastic
> shit!
> Best,
> Lukas
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