Re: Other (plain text) file types can be indexd by Beagle?


could someone at least say something like. No it's not possible, or yes
it is considered for version X.Y in 3 months from now? :P

Or am I in the wrong mailing list?

Best regards,

Seg, 2005-11-21 às 22:07 +0000, David Aveiro escreveu:
> Hello!
> First of all congratulations for this fantastic app!! It has been very
> very very useful to (disorganized) me :)
> I'm using Freemind (see
> to keep most
> of my task list and organize several important info and projects.
> So it would be very useful that Beagle could index files with mm
> extension (XML content), which is Freemind Maps file extension.
> Could beagle be extended in a way that we can fill a list of (plain
> text/xml) file extensions to also be indexed in some kind of preference?
> Best regards,
> David
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