Problem/Patch regarding wv1


There's a small problem with the wv1 library (used for filtering
Microsoft Word documents) which sometimes can result in Beagle entering
an endless loop.

The issue is that the libole2 copy used by wv1, always tries to open the
file in read/write mode, which eventually triggers a 'CloseWrite'
inotify event instead of a 'CloseNoWrite' event upon closing. This in
hand, will trigger a re-index in Beagle which will again make wv1 open
the file in read/write mode, and there you'll have your loop.

Luckily it's a pretty easy fix and the next version of wv1 (1.1.0) will
not have this problem as it'll not be using libole2 anymore. Until then,
there's a patch [1] available and depending on the when we'll see the
next release of wv1, it would be great if people using Ubuntu, Fedora
etc lobbied for the patch to be included in the mean time.



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