Funny Errors...

Hi Guys,

Recently, I've been getting the following error in current-Beagle when I
start beagled:

05-08-02 24704 Beagle WARN: Could not open Evolution
addressbook.  Addressbook searching is disabled.
05-08-02 24704 Beagle DEBUG: GLib.GException: file e-book.c:
line 2385 (e_book_open): assertion `book && E_IS_BOOK (book)' failed
in <0x0006f> Evolution.Book:Open (Boolean only_if_exists)
in <0x0003a>
Beagle.Daemon.EvolutionDataServerQueryable.EvolutionDataServerQueryable:Start ()

and this shows up in the terminal

(beagled:28257): libebook-WARNING **: Can't find installed BookFactory
that handles protocol 'file'.

(beagled:28257): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src !=
NULL' failed

(beagled:28257): libebook-CRITICAL **: file e-book.c: line 2385
(e_book_open): assertion `book && E_IS_BOOK (book)' failed

I am no genius, but I think this means beagle is not going through my
address book anymore :(

I use debian sid, and the system has been through serious upgrades
lately. Evolution has been upgraded and now sid has libevolution-cil,
which I had to get from Ubuntu before. 

Any ideas has to why this is happening now?


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