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Hi Daniel,

Please find below a discussion on these lines before. Apparently, the guy who started it was also Daniel :-)

I suppose that you meant something similar. Or if it is different, please let us know so that we can carry the discussion forward. In particular, if you have any use cases or scenarious.

I too think that Dashboard has quite a powerful framework in Beagle to do some wonderful things :-)

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Subject: Re: beagled Web Service Interface prototype working!
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 02:57:32 -0700
From: Vijay KN <knvijay novell com>
To: <dashboard-hackers gnome org>, <belch linux it>


I agree - these are some cool ideas. The distributed environment can
allow peer-to-peer searching of Beagle services, within collaboration
teams in an intranet and with some security support added, sharing
information across Beagle services on the Internet.

I will look into the mDNSResponder stuff along with other discovery
mechanisms for discovering Beagle Web service.

Keep the ideas coming !


>>> Daniele Bellucci belch linux it> 01/19/05 3:42 AM >>

Good catch ;)

it would be nice to use the web service in a multiuser machine.
For example a linux box with multiple account could expose
this web service, and each user can issue a separate query
on his home directory.

Another cool idea is to use the webservice on a distributed
environment where every machine expose its own web service for beagle.

Web services discovery could be handled by using the excellent
mDNSResponder since there is a plan to full integrate it in the
Gnome Environment, and a .NET binding has been cooded too.

IMHO this should be a great catch.

Il giorno mar, 18-01-2005 alle 12:09 -0700, Vijay KN ha scritto:
> Hi Folks!
> Today I finally got the Web Service interface to beagled working.
> Glib dependencies in dbus-sharp library prevented me from using dbus
> between the web service and beagled - so I had to resort to .Net
> remoting for now. The web service is in the form of beagled.asmx
> and needs XSP for now (until we add a httpListener within beagled).
> I have included two web service methods :
> 1. beagledQuery - the full featured interface that can be invoked
> 2. simplebeagledQuery - simpler interface that takes a searchString
> (like best) which can be invoked both via SOAP and a web browser
> (HTTP-Get)
> The web service limits the no. of results to the first 20 results
> received from beagled.
> Attached is a screen-shot of the Firefox browser screen showing
> from the web-service for search term 'document'.  A screenshot is
> posted at
> . Note
> that this 'TestForm' in the browser is more to get a feel for the
> webservice interface - and is not meant to provide browser access to
> beagled per se.
> I will submit the web service protoype code soon. Comments welcome.
> cheers
> Vijay

DANIEL hoggan wrote:

Dashboard will be one of those aplications that will change the way people use their desktop.

So obviously intigration into a networked distributed enviroment would be an important and necessary development for dashboard, especially for office and enterprise enviroments.

In these enviroments dashboard should be the central focal point for all and any projects, tasks, events, contacts, etc, especially an implementation where it could check callers to an office against a file i,e social services, so that any information could be updated there and then and any information that the users of dashboard had on the caller would be visable.

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