Re: Hi, my name is Ubuntu. Can Beagle come out to play.

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
It basically makes Lucene.Net less secure, the posix patch is there for a reason, and it is more sophisticated than the original solution, but since hoary wont be shipping with mono 1.0.6 (apparently) i decided it was time to break beagle and make it play nice.

A better fix would be to just copy the definition for the Mono.Posix
call that you are missing.

That is a good idea actually, i'll see if it can be done easily.

The problem itself appears to be that the open call with posix doesn't pass the flags to the system call, which causes slight havoc. This would appear to be the fix that was applied to 1.0.6.

Anyways, i'll see what i get done.

- S

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