upgrade mono on ubuntu

Ok, this is probably going to earn me the "Stupid Question of the Year" award, but here goes. I'm running ubuntu (Hoary), and mono is stuck at 1.0.5. I can't compile anything from cvs, and I'm sure the obvious response is "upgrade mono". I get this message (or something similar) when compiling blam or tomboy (in case it matters): ** ERROR **: file domain.c: line 617 (mono_init_internal): assertion failed: (mono_defaults.runtimesecurityframe_class != 0)

So I downloaded the source packages for mono, libgdiplus, and cairo, and compiled them. The question is this: How do I know if it is using the updated packages, or if it is still trying to use the old ones that synaptic installed? And if it isn't using the updated ones, how can I update my hoary install with the latest mono version?


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