Re: GtkFileChooser extensions


Have you given some thought to the pros and cons of the two obvious
alternate approaches:

 1. allow wholesale replacement of the file chooser without modifying 
    gtk (also enables the "we want one that looks just like windows" 

 2. just add the three features you mention (search, metadata, 
    filtering) to the default file chooser

I would be curious about those options. The worst of all worlds it seems
to me is that you do an extension interface that turns out to be only
useful for these three features, then you have a set of ABI/UI
limitations that are hardcoded, without real gain. Of course, it's tough
to answer the question "are there future extensions we'll want, and if
so what are they, and what extension points will they require"

I think Bryan and Seth have given some thought to search UI for the
filesel, so pestering them until they fork it over might also be smart.


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