Re: GtkFileChooser extensions

El mi�22-09-2004 a las 10:25 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero escribi� I've been working on a specification for an extension mechanism for
> GtkFileChooser.  Global searching, lock-down, and metadata systems would
> benefit from being able to extend what GtkFileChooser can do.
> The draft spec is here:

	Really cool!. About the search stuff on the filechooser, I was talking
with someone about it, and we realized that, for files, context is
really important. Thing about searching a picture of "Lucas" typying
"lucas" and presenting results as normal files in the file view. It
would ne like:
  * Lucas.jpg
  * 1002.jpg
  * IMG234.jpg

But maybe the user would like to know their context:
  * /media/pictures/Lucas - Ribiera Concert/1002.jpg
  * /media/pictures/partys/Fiesta en casa de Lucas/Lucas.jpg
  * /home/fer/Desktop/crazy lucas/IMG234.jpg

so that's because I used clarkbw Find UI [1] in my quick-and-dirty-only-
for-me GtkFileChooser search hack [2]

	So I don't know if gtk_file_chooser_set_extra_widget_for_extension() is
flexible enough for adding the widget in the right place (as seen in [3]
it is over the file list for the open dialog)



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