large HTML attachments? Re: Problems indexing mail

I have not managed to get Beagle running yet but I get the same problem
with Opera whenever there is a huge HTML attachment in one of my mails.
In my case, it was my bookmarks file I was exchanging with a mate of
mine. Deleting this mail solved my problem.

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 16:29, Darryl wrote:
> Hey all,
> beagle is running pretty well for me now except for indexing email.
> I'm pretty consistantly having problems when it attempts to index my
> mail. It throws some exceptions and then uses 100% CPU until it's
> "killed"
> What steps can I take to try and help debug the problem ?  It appears
> to consistantly stumble on the same summary file.
> -darryl
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