Fixing dashboard-frontend.c

The following three changes seem to be the least that are possible. 
All line numbers refer to dashboard-frontend.c. Would one of 
the CVS committers like to look at these:

1) In cluepacket_write_cb, near line 127, a cast is needed where the
   variable info is initialised from the argument  user_data. 

2) In cluepacket_write_cb, at lines 129 and 134, the type of total_bytes
   and b are currently int, but should be gsize.

3) In dashboard_send_raw_cluepacket, near line 184, a cast to 
   GIOCondition is needed on the 2nd argument of g_io_add_watch. 
   It seems that the constants G_IO_OUT etc. are not correctly typed, 
   at least for the obsessional type rules used by c++.

Is it possible that there is an upstream bug to fix here? If so, I am
using glib-2.4.6, and will make a bugzilla entry if that is the correct

These three (or arguably four) changes are enough to make it compile as


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