Re: System Folders

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 13:38 -0400, Joe Gasiorek wrote:
> Currently it is my understanding that Beagled starts its indexing in a
> users home directory and only goes outside of that if there is a file
> change notification from inotify.  I am wondering if we intend to keep
> it like this.  There are other useful folders (/usr/share, manpages,
> docs, etc.).  Because most of the useful data for users is in there
> homedir should we keep beagled the same and use make iqueryable
> drivers for other things?  Or are we just using the homedir as a
> launch pad for the time being to get beagle up and doing something?

I do not think that we should perform generic file indexing outside of

But I do think that specific drivers, as you mention, is a good idea.
For example, for man pages.

	Robert Love

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