Re: RSS Feed Indexer

agreed. would love to have scoble's comments indexed and searchable
along with nat's, miguel's, joe's, rob's, erik's, etc.

as for approach, i'm thinking the "get from straw, etc" option has more
legs, b/c i've had issues with the way feeds are handled in the browser.
and many sites don't use the:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS"
href=""; />

tag in their source which i'd assume you'd have to use in the second

i'm curious however if the integration to the client is necessary short
term. i know that's the process with Evolution, GAIM, etc, but i'm
curious as to whether or not it'd be sufficient to simply index the
local cache. blogs, after all, tend to be far less real time than

but either way i'm all for it.

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 13:39, Joe Gasiorek wrote:
> So, maybe I read Scoble's weblog to often but I am thinking that
> Beagle needs to take more advantage of RSS feeds.  There are a couple
> decisions that need to be made about how to implement this.  First,
> how do we get the feed urls:
> -- Get feed url from straw, firefox, blam, e-d-s, etc. that the user
> is 'subscribed' to in that particular app
> -- As you browse, if the site has an rss feed grab the feed url and
> add it to a list via a firefox extension.
> Then, how to update the feeds:
> -- Get entrys from straw, firefox, blam, etc. and assume the user
> keeps those up to date.
> -- Run our own 'agitator' as part of beagled while being careful not
> hit the website too often.
> Anyway, I'm sure there are many more strategies to answering these two
> questions so please feel free to say them.  Also, if you just think
> one way is better than another just say so.  No point in doing
> something if it isn't done the way we want it.
> -- Joe Gasiorek
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